Let us work together.

Switchme is always looking to work with genuine partners and affiliates.

If you're interested in providing your customers an additional service, or wanting to generate additional revenue for your charity, sports club or church then get in touch.

When you promote Switchme, you willl be rewarded for each successful switch you deliver. We have a number of different solutions which allow our partners to deliver customers using various channels.

It is worth considering the Switchme partner program if you are:

  • Looking to generate revenue from ad space on your site
  • Sports, church and charity groups looking to raise funds - earn money each time someone in your organisation uses the Switchme website to switch to a better power company

We accurately track any customers that you refer to us and send you a monthly statement of successful switches. We'll then pay you at an incentive rate for the total number of customers you refer

Give Switchme a call to discuss now on 0800 179482.