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Auckland Power Companies

Have you compared power companies in Auckland?

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Switchme gives Auckland electricity and gas consumers a service that allows them to compare energy prices for their homes and businesses.

Switchme's energy comparison calculator allows you to quickly and accurately compare power companies for FREE. No obligation, free quotes. In the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

Moving house in Auckland?

With Switchme the moving process is quick and easy - Its a great opportunity to compare power prices.

  1. Just input your details on the online form (use the 'Estimate My Usage) - this estimates for monthly usage and price
  2. Compare power companies offers
  3. Switch and Save

Call us if you need any help! Our number is 0800 179 482.

We monitor the switchover from your current provider to your new provider from start to finish.

Compare Auckland business electricity providers

From Locked down to Freed up!

Heading back to the office, restaurant, café or pub?

  • Get a better deal at the office after lockdown. Ensure you’re getting the best priced business energy deals in Auckland
  • Get the lowest rates. Switchme can help ensure you are getting Auckland’s lowest rates on business power
  • Compare gas and electricity prices - Switch for home and business
  • It’s never been easier to compare and switch. Leave the changeover and ringing around to us.

Switchme delivers all the perks. Whether it’s savings you’re after, or no contracts and credit for signing up.

More ways to save! When you sign up with Switchme

Lower great rates on energy when you sign up for a dual service provider (like Genesis Energy, Mercury Energy) on electricity, natural gas and LPG bottles.

Have you ever wondered how much you could save by switching to another energy provider in Auckland? Wonder no more!

  • Switchme does the comparisons of power providers in Auckland to save you time and money!
  • Just enter your details in the form and sign up today. We do the switch for you. Only takes 5 mins
  • Never worry about the price of power bills again. (Although you should check back every 6 months to ensure you’re still getting the most reasonably priced power)

LPG Companies in Auckland.

Combine dual energy providers on your account to save more.

LPG Gas Bottles for your home in Auckland. Call us - 0800 179 482 to discuss the best deal available – Best rates start from $104 per 45kg bottle

LPG Gas Providers in Auckland

Popular LPG Gas Questions you’ll be asked when signing up:

  1. Where are the bottles located on site?
  2. Are there any access issues/dogs on site?
  3. How many bottles is the site prepared for?
  4. Any features to help our drivers identify the property? For example, a roof colour, fences/gates out front?
  5. Are there 3 or more gas bottles within 5 metres of each other on site?
  6. What will your LPG gas be used for?
    1. Cooking, water heating, oven, cook top etc

So many reasons to Switch Today - Signup through Switchme for the best deals

Powershop - Get $150 of free power in the first year with, no contracts and guaranteed savings. Flexible payment plans. Choose when you pay.

Electric Kiwi - Free hour of power every day. Guaranteed power savings. Right price on power every day. Easy to pay, pay when you choose, weekly, fortnightly, monthly. Prepay available, skip the bills. No contract. No gimmicks. Kiwi’s love us and you will too.

Flick – Take the power back! No gimmicks. No contracts. Keeps the electrons going while working hard to keep the prices down. We’re fighting the government and Electric Authority for fairer power prices. Reduction in carbon emissions. Supports whats good: Flick are supporters of good causes such as Trees that Count. Zero lock-ins. No exit fees or contracts, ever.

Mercury - $200 free credit for moving! Free power days. That’s right 24 hours of free power. How will you use it?

Meridian Energy - $200 off first power bill. Have the power to pay your bill whenever you choose. Pay with credit card. Flexible payment options include weekly, monthly and fortnightly payment. Support with payment for those affected by Covid. Use the Meridian app to track power, access bills, add meter reading.

TrustPower – Makes it easy. Bottled and reticulated gas available for dual energy savings.

Genesis Energy- get discounts on power, and rewards. Dual fuel discounts on energy and gas. Choose the plan to suit you.

Frank Energy (formally Energy Online) – Sells it to you straight. We’ll be Frank. No Gimmicks! Just affordable electricity.

Pulse Energy – keep your finger on the pulse. Lowest price offered up front. No discounts needed. As always, just low-priced power. Freedom from contracts. Free to leave - just give 30 days’ notice. All energy discount when you combine gas and electricity accounts. You’re in control, access your account online to track usage and bills and make payments. Grey power electricity.

Big Power and Gas Savings

By simply entering your energy consumption details, Switchme will display power prices for all energy retailers in the Auckland network and allow you to compare offers and switch your energy provider.

Recent studies by the Electricity Authority of New Zealand have shown that energy savings in Auckland could be over $15 million per year if all consumers compared their energy usage and switched to the cheapest energy retailer.

New Zealand energy retailers have provided Switchme with their best pricing to be offered to customers looking to switch their energy provider. Switchme offer the cheapest rates and the best incentives when switching your power company.

As many households in the Auckland region have gas, Switchme also allows you to compare Dual Fuel plans to supply electricity and gas on a single bill.

With New Zealand power prices increasing every year it is important to be comparing energy companies on a regular basis to ensure you are getting the best energy deal.

Call 0800 179482 to compare power companies in Auckland. Get the best offers and switch in only 5 minutes.