Compare Residential Power Prices

Compare Residential Power Prices

For new accounts, move-in signups, and comparing your existing power bill.


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Power Companies

Looking for the best power company for your home?

Switchme's free comparison calculator has a single goal: helping find the best energy deal for New Zealand customers.

Whether you're looking a new electricity supplier or moving into a new home, use our simple 2 step process, or call our friendly staff on 0800 179 482.

Easiest way to compare and switch power companies.

Find the cheapest power company.

Switchme allows you to compare New Zealand power companies and switch online within minutes. Every month we help thousands of households to find the best energy deals.

We compare all major electricity suppliers in New Zealand to help you find you the best deal. Switchme takes the hassle out of switching by doing all of the hard work for you. Our power comparison tool makes it quick and easy to calculate how much money you can save each month.Signing up to a new energy company has never been made so easy.

Our simple 1 page form allows you to switch electricity companies within minutes.

How does it work?

Want to find out more? Learn more about how to switch and compare power companies for your home or business.

Business Power Comparison

After helping thousands of households find and switch to a cheaper power company, it makes sense to offer the same free service to business customers.

It is important to maximise your business profits, so make sure your costs for power are as low as possible. Reducing your energy bill is a good place to start. Comparing and switching to the cheapest retailer available can cut your energy costs significantly. It only takes a few minutes to compare all the power companies for free in your area. Have a go now!

This electricity comparison service is completely free! Regardless of how much money we save your business.

Why not have a go today? Simply enter your details on this page: business comparison. If you have any questions, please call us on 0800 179 482 and our call centre staff will help you through the process.