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Compare Residential Power Prices

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Switchme's free comparison calculator has a single goal: helping find the best energy deal for New Zealand customers.

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Compare Power Companies - Its easy with Switchme

Switchme allows you to compare New Zealand power companies and switch online within minutes. Every month we help thousands of households to find the best energy deals.

We compare all major electricity suppliers in New Zealand to help you find you the best deal. Switchme takes the hassle out of switching by doing all of the hard work for you. Our power comparison tool makes it quick and easy to calculate how much money you can save each month. Signing up to a new energy company has never been made so easy.

Our simple 1 page form allows you to switch electricity companies within minutes.

How does it work? (Including "Estimate My Usage" option)

Want to find out more? Click here to learn more about how to switch and compare power companies for your home or business.

If you don't have a bill handy, or you are moving into a new property, no problem! Simply select "Estimate My Usage", - We'll estimate your electricity usage based on the number people in your house and we'll figure it out based on an uncontrolled (Anytime) meter set up. If you have your ICP number and exact monthly usage from your bill we'll know your meter type and set up.

Business Power Comparison

After helping thousands of households find and switch to a cheaper power company, it makes sense to offer the same free service to business customers.

It is important to maximize your business profits, so make sure your costs for power are as low as possible. Reducing your energy bill is a good place to start. Comparing and switching to the cheapest retailer available can cut your energy costs significantly. It only takes a few minutes to compare all the power companies for free in your area. Have a go now!

This electricity comparison service is completely free! Regardless of how much money we save your business.

Why not have a go today? Simply enter your details on this page: business comparison. If you have any questions, please call us on 0800 179 482 and our call centre staff will help you through the process.

LPG bas bottles for your home

Looking for the best price for gas bottles for your home? Check out our gas bottle page for more information.

We can offer you a 45kg gas bottle comparison wherever you are in NZ. This could be gas bottle only, or electricity and gas. Often dual fuel options can be a better deal. Please get in touch with us on 0800 179 482.

Solar Energy Buy Back Rates

We have collated New Zealand's leading solar energy retailers offering $$ to sell back to the grid. Visit this p[age to see their solar buy back rates.

More about the power companies we compare:

Genesis Energy:

Genesis Energy is one of New Zealand's largest electricity and gas retailers. They also own the brand Frank Energy. Here's an overview:

Retail: As an energy and gas energy retailer, Genesis Energy offers a range of electricity, natural gas and LPG plans to suit the needs of different households. This includes fixed-term contracts, variable rates, and various incentives, including welcome credits, free bottles of LPG. Chat to Switchme about exclusive offers on 0800 179 482. We have some on the website and others are phone-in-only offers, exclusive to Switchme.

Operations: Genesis Energy operates a diverse portfolio of electricity generation assets, including hydroelectric, thermal, and wind power stations. It also retails electricity and natural gas to residential, and business / commercial customers throughout New Zealand.

Generation: Genesis owns and operates several power stations across the country, including the Huntly Power Station, which is one of the largest thermal power stations in New Zealand. They also have hydroelectric power stations such as Tongariro and Waikaremoana.

Renewable Energy: Genesis Energy has been gradually increasing its focus on renewable energy sources, such as wind and hydro power, in line with global trends towards sustainability and environmental responsibility. Click here to learn more about Genesis Energy’s generation and renewable energy.

Community Engagement: Genesis Energy is involved in various community initiatives and sponsorships across New Zealand, particularly in areas where it operates power stations.

Market Position: It is one of the largest power companies in the New Zealand energy market, competing with other major retailers like Meridian Energy, Pulse Energy, Contact Energy, and Mercury Energy and other smaller brands, including Flick Electric, Electric Kiwi, Powershop and Nova.

History: Genesis Energy brand was created in 1999 when the electricity market in New Zealand was deregulated.

Overall, Genesis Energy plays a significant role in both the generation and retail sectors of the New Zealand energy industry, contributing to the country's energy security and sustainability goals.

Feedback from Switchme customers who have Switched Power Companies

M. McIlwain - Auckland - As a first time tenant I found this service very helpful! I literally had my power supply sorted while I was picking up my first lot of grocery shopping for my new flat. Thank you to the Switchme team.

Angela H - Nelson - Thanks very much for the fantastic service and info that I received from our phone call. It was very worthwhile looking into the variations. Thanks again! Angela

D Solomon - Auckland - I think it's awesome that you have simplified the process of choosing a power company. I could easily work out which was the cheaper power company using your website. I have four kids and our last power bill was almost $360 and it showed on your site that the bill would have been approx $260 with another company!! Wow - thanks again,

Jo B. - Rangiora - Thanks Switchme! The site was super-easy to follow and I'm going to make good savings by switching from Contact Energy to Genesis Energy. I've already posted details about the switchme site on my Facebook page as I am so impressed!

Paul B. - Christchurch - This is a great website. It is easy to use and very user friendly. By comparing the electricity prices of each of the providers, we will make over $500 in savings a year. I didnt realise how much more we were paying in power and gas. This is a great initiative

Hannah W. - Whitianga - Thank you so much! What a fantastic and straightforward service. (something that is hard to find these days!). You have saved me so much time and it is wonderful to know that we will be getting the best possible deal.

A. Quinn - Palmerston North - Guys I would just like to say that you have saved my family and I a lot of money. We switched two months ago and while our "old" power bills were around $150 - $200 per month, our new one was a treat with over $100 in savings!!!!! That is awesome. Thank you soooooo much.

Nick Ward - Auckland - The Switchme website was referred to me by a friend who was raving about your services. I found it to be really user friendly and so easy to compare! Wow, this is so great, we are in for saving about $25 a month, and on a single income with kids in these times that is HUGE. Thank you so much for providing your service.

Noeline Lum - NA - I just phoned your customer service team and spoke with Scott. Thanks Scott for taking the time to answer my questions. It's nice to talk to someone who is nice and polite and knows what they are talking about!

Julie McGill - Manukau - Last week I went on the Switchme website and entered my household power details just wanting to check to see if I was being charged fair prices for my power. I found I was way behind the eight ball. There were a number of different options available to me. I ended up ringing Switchme and talking to Scott who was very helpful. Energy Online was the cheapest but for whatever reason they declined to supply! Scott gave other options but also suggested Nova who was the next cheapest. This suited as I was already a customer of Nova as our heating requirements come through Nova by way of bottled LPG. Yesterday I received a call from Nova Energy. Not only was their power charges better than what we are currently paying but because we only use our LPG Bottles for 6 months of the year they said that they would only charge rental for 1/2 the year instead of the full year. Great savings, a great surprise and great service. Thank you Nova, and thank you Scott from Switchme for being so helpful.