Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, there is no cost to you. All retailers pay Switchme a processing fee when they receive a switch. Switchme uses these fees to pay for the running of the service.
Simply use the Switchme site to enter your address and usage details, choose a retailer from the results page and submit your application. Energy retailers will process the Switch within 5 days and will send you confirmation of completion. Any other details will be managed by Switchme on your behalf.
Legally, your switch will be completed in 10 days. However, more often than not the switch only takes 1-2 days. Switchme monitor your switch and ensure that your Switch completes as promptly as possible.
Not at all. Supply is delivered by the local network and the change of retailer is purely administrative.
Switchme is an independent service who's primary interest is saving you money on your energy bills. We offer impartial advice and clear and accurate results to allow users to get the absolute best deal for their needs.
Switchme obtain energy rates directly from the retailers. Whenever rates change or when deals become available, Switchme is always updated in advance to ensure your quote is as accurate as possible.
Yes you can. Call 0800 179482 to speak with one of our friendly consultants and we will find the best deal for you and submit an application on your behalf. Furthermore, we will track your Switch through to completion to ensure you are completely taken care of.
Electricity invoices can be very difficult to interpret at the best of times. In order to get the best deal and the right plan for you, it is important that we capture your consumption as closely as possible. If you have any doubt about reading your bill, call one of our consultants on 0800 179482 and we will guide you to get you the best possible deal to suit you.
Typically, if you are using less than 8,000 units per year you are a low-user. By using the Switchme service, the tool will automatically display results for the appropriate plan for you.
No problem, you can simply enter your address and indicate the amount of people to be staying at the property and the tool will calculate the best option for you. You can also call us on 0800 179482 and one of our friendly consultants will look-up your new address and find you the best deal.
Switchme is 100% New Zealand owned and operated by a group of energy industry specialists who wanted to see more competition and transparency in the market. It has been independently and impartially providing the public with energy comparisons since 2009 and since then we have helped over 40,000 households and businesses save on their energy spend.
Switchme has invited all energy market participants to provide pricing for comparison. However, a few have declined to do so in the interest of price confidentiality. If you have an invoice from a non-participating retailer, please call us on 0800 179482 and we will run a direct comparison for you.
You may call the Retailer directly. However, we recommend you use the Switchme site to ensure that the deal you see is the deal you get. Some Retailers use Switchme to promote offers that may not be available directly. Furthermore, by using Switchme you can ensure that your request will be documented, the quote stored and the Switch overseen to completion. If in doubt please call our friendly team on 0800 179 482.
No, Switchme does not actually supply energy. Switchme provides a free unbiased comparison of power company's prices, enabling you to make an informed decision about your energy supplier.
Switchme's call centre is open for 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. Outside of these hours you can still leave a message on 0800 179482, or you can contact us online with your query. We will call you back at a time of your convenience.
Your electricity invoice should always indicate the meter onsite. However, if you are unsure please call us on 0800 179482 and we will confirm this for you and help you to complete a comparison.
Most retailers ask for drivers license details and complete a credit check of applicants. Typically applications are either accepted with no bond, or simply declined.
Yes. While some retailers are strict with their credit criteria, many are very flexible. If you are unsure, or if you have had an application declined, please call us on 0800 179482 and we will always find an option for you at a great price.
Switchme also offer a FREE business comparison and procurement service. As Business rates can be more complex than those used at home, we invite you to call us on 0800 179482 for an over-the-phone quote tailor-made for your specific business needs.
While it is difficult to know for sure, we do know that overall electricity prices have steadily increased every year since 2005. While this trend is unlikely to change, the most important thing is to ensure that you are getting the best deal possible at any given time.
Absolutely. Firstly, that money is better-off in your pocket than the energy company's. But most importantly, switching activity makes retailers think twice about increasing prices and more likely to offer incentives. This means that in the long run we will all pay less.