Who are we? We're here to help.

Switchme was formed back in 2009 by Scott O'Donnell, Andre Althoff and Brett O'Donnell. Since then Switchme has grown to become New Zealand largest non-government funded energy switching site. In 2015, we processed over 150,000 energy comparisons and switched over 5000 customers.

Through the years, Switchme has helped thousands of New Zealand business and residential customers find a better energy deal. We pride ourselves on offering free independent advice and assisting customers through the (sometimes) complicated process.

Our goals are to;

  • Provide an easy to understand resource where energy prices could be accurately and independently compared.
  • Provide general advice to energy consumers on all energy matters.
  • Provide a website where consumers could complete an easy online switch application.
  • Generally increase transparency and competition within the New Zealand energy market.

After launching with the Residential service in 2009, Switchme were then selected by The Electricity Authority of New Zealand to be the exclusive provider of business energy comparisons for the "What's My Number" campaign. Switchme remains the only service in New Zealand to hold business energy rates and with the ability to compare business energy prices on the spot.

In a heavily deregulated industry, where meters, contracts, invoicing and the true cost of energy are often disguised with complication and long call-center wait times, Switchme use their expertise to provide a free and easy resource to allow everyone to compare power prices - whether for their homes or their businesses.

While Brett remains as Managing Director, Taylor, Mat and Henry take care of the day-to-day running of business. We are all on-hand everyday keeping the service running, giving advice, negotiating and helping thousands of Kiwi households and businesses to get a better energy deal every year.

Give us a call now on 0800 179 482!