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Switchme gives Christchurch homes and businesses a service that allows you to compare energy prices and switch to your choice of provider.

At Switchme, we're Canterbury owned and operated and our energy comparison service allows our community to quickly and accurately compare power prices for FREE.

Just visit the link on the reStart Mall above, search for your address and tell us about your energy consumption details, we will display power prices for all energy retailers in the Orion network and allow you to compare and switch your electricity provider.

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Steps: Compare Power Prices

Switchme provides a quick, online tool to compare power prices for Christchurch homes and businesses and switch to your choice of provider

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Switching power companies - It’s as easy as 1 - 2 - 3 to Switch

  • Quote: Load Your Address and Usage Details
  • Compare: Review Your Results
  • Switch: Your Application.

Type your address and consumption details from your bill. Select as many meters as you need to input the details on your bill and specify the period length

Don't have a bill handy? Moving into a new property? No problem! Simply select "Estimate My Usage", indicate the number of people in your house and we base it on estimated consumption and an uncontrolled meter set up

Switchme displays offers from retailers for supply to your property. Take your time to read the offers from each of the retailers to choose the best offer for energy and hit "SWITCH NOW"

Fill in your name, contact and property details and hit "SUBMIT"

Congratulations! You're all done! Your application will be delivered to your new retailer immediately for switching. Switchme will keep an eye on your switch to ensure everything runs smoothly.

We’re available any time to answer your follow-up questions

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Residential and Business gas and electricity deals

More money in your pocket! Recent studies by the Electricity Authority of New Zealand have shown that Cantabrians would save a combined $3 million per year if we all compared our energy usage and switched to the cheapest residential electricity retailer

Christchurch energy retailers have provided Switchme with the best rates for gas and electricity

Switchme offer the lowest power rates in Christchurch when switching your power company

Gas providers linked to the best dual energy deal. Give us a call 0800 179482

Do you have bottled gas in CHCH?

Compare home delivery gas deals. Best electricity deal combined with a gas bottle delivery service. 45kg residential LPG delivery

Best Prices on Business Power Deals. Free Quotes.

Easiest way to compare and switch power companies Compare All Your Options

Give our Business Team a call now on 0800 179 482! Use the Free SwitchMe business energy tool

Switchme Business is the only energy comparison service trusted by New Zealand energy retailers to hold business rates in-house. This means we can provide your business a complete and comprehensive quote and comparison in minutes.

Moving or setting up a new connection for your business? Call us on 03 371 9451 or fill out the form on this page.

Find the best energy retailer for your business, at no charge. NZ’s proven and trusted business energy resource

Save time on comparisons. Find the best business electrical deals

  • 10,000 satisfied New Zealand business owners since 2009 saved a whopping $4 million - a combined total on power by using SwitchMe
  • No time to get quotes for your business energy needs? SwitchMe saves you time and energy. No obligation – Free Quotes
  • A cheaper energy deal for your business is fast and easy to secure. Switchme can provide an instant business energy quote from any retailer
  • In 2011, Switchme were selected by The Electricity Authority of New Zealand to be the exclusive provider of business energy quotes for the 'What's My Number?' campaign, helping over 5,000 kiwi businesses save on their commercial energy bills.

Moving to Christchurch? Let Switchme do the Heavy Lifting!

Moving your Energy supply to your new house.

Moving House can be an exciting time, maybe you've bought your first house, moved in with your partner, or are moving your family to a new area. There’s always a lot to organize, and your energy supply is one of the most important - yet often overlooked.

Don't assume that your current provider is still the best deal for you. Different houses have different meters and different areas have vastly different prices.

Let Switchme manage your move for you so that you get the best home energy deal.

Contact Switchme on 0800 179482 or 03 371 9451 to discuss what the best value electricity for your home energy needs are. 5 minutes with Switchme will ensure your new home will have the power on when you arrive, billing at the lowest energy rate available to you.

Switchme will send a request on your behalf and oversee the switching process to completion. Switchme communicate with you throughout, so that you have peace-of-mind.

The connection at my new house is disconnected - what do I do?

If there has been a prolonged period of vacancy since the last tenant moved out, the connection may have been temporarily disconnected for safety reasons. This is no problem. Simply call Switchme’s energy price comparison service on 0800 179482 and we will complete a move-in switch request for you and advise you how to then request a reconnection. Typically, a technician can be onsite within a few hours and reconnecting will only take a few minutes.

Cantabrians can save 3 million!

Recent studies by the Electricity Authority of New Zealand have shown that Cantabrians would save a combined $3 million per year if we all compared our energy usage and switched to the cheapest electricity retailer for our household's needs.

Energy retailers supplying Christchurch have provided Switchme with their best rates available for customers looking to switch their electricity provider. Switchme offer the cheapest rates and incentives when switching your power company.

If you use bottled gas also, give us a call and we will find you the best electricity deal that matches up with a gas bottle delivering retailer.

With our electricity prices increasing each year, it is important to be checking on our energy company on a regular basis to ensure we are getting the best deal.

Call 0800 179482 to compare electricity retailers in Christchurch. Get the best offers and switch in only 5 minutes.