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Switchme gives Taupo electricity and gas consumers a service that allows them to compare energy prices for their homes and businesses.

Switchme's energy comparison calculator allows you to quickly and accurately compare power prices for FREE.

By simply entering your energy consumption details, Switchme will display power prices for all energy retailers in the Unison Taupo network and allow you to compare offers and switch your energy provider.

Recent studies by the Electricity Authority of New Zealand have shown that energy savings in Taupo could be over $1 million per year if all consumers compared their energy usage and switched to the cheapest energy retailer.

New Zealand energy retailers have provided Switchme with their best pricing to be offered to customers looking to switch their energy provider. Switchme offer the cheapest rates and the best incentives when switching your power company.

As many households in the Taupo region have gas, Switchme also allows you to compare Dual Fuel plans to supply electricity and gas on a single bill.

With New Zealand power prices increasing every year it is important to be comparing energy companies on a regular basis to ensure you are getting the best energy deal.