Signing up or changing LPG Companies? Helpful FAQs below

We've put together questions and answers regarding LPG and changing providers.

Do I have to notify my current LPG supplier if I switch:

  • Yes, we advise you to let your current LPG supplier know you are intending to switch

Can I get a refund for my bottles?

  • Generally a full bottle can be refunded, however, please confirm this with your provider.
  • Partial bottles are usually not refunded

My annual fee - Can I get a refund if I have already paid my annual bottle rental fee?

  • The answer is possibly – you will have to contact your current supplier to confirm their policies in this respect.
  • The annual fee is generally 12 months of bottle rental. We do have companies that will charge this as a monthly fee, making it easier to budget

What happens to my current suppliers bottles that are on my property when I switch?

  • The new LPG supplier you have switched to picks these up and takes them to a depot for your old supplier to collect

Do I have to order a certain number of bottle refills for my first order with a new supplier?

  • Yes – the first order does need to be for 2 refills – however after this time you may order one bottle at a time when needed

Does Switchme only have off-the-shelf deals?

  • No, we have some exclusive deals from our participating LPG retailers (great percentage discounts etc). We also have standard offers/pricing from LPG providers too
  • Call us to discuss 0800 179 482 or email us at More info here compare LPG bottles

How do I order bottle refills and organise a delivery from my new LPG supplier?

  • Your new supplier will provide you with the following options = A number to call, an APP to order on, on online ordering platform

Is it cheaper if I combine my LPG supply with Electricity supply?

  • The answer is most probably yes!
  • Give us a call on 0800 179 482 to discuss this option

Who delivers LPG to my location?

  • Delivery platforms for suppliers is varied and wide across New Zealand
  • Switchme can check the delivery schedule for your address before you sign up

Do LPG suppliers have specific site and installation requirements for whom they deliver to?

  • Yes – your gas installation must be compliant, be safety approved and have a concrete pad and chains, have a safe and slip free access way for delivery people, and be a 2 x 45 kg bottle installation (or more)

Do you compare commercial LPG bottles?

  • Yes we do. We can get you a quote for your business LPG bottles.

I need an order for the next day or urgently – how does this work?

  • If you have prior knowledge of delivery day’s to your location, you can with some suppliers order up to 1pm the day before, to ensure you get bottles on the next available delivery day
  • If you need an urgent delivery, you will need to call a suppliers LPG team to organise – note, there will be an extra charge for an urgent order

I have just had my gas installation fitted, how do I organise a new supply for this installation?

  • Make sure that you have your installation Compliance Certificate from the gas fitter who installed your system and give us a call on 0800 179 482 and we can walk you through this process and help you choose your supplier

How does LPG billing work?

  • Most suppliers will bill you monthly for your LPG bottle rental
  • Every delivery you order will be added to your monthly bottle rental invoice
You can pay via direct debit automatic payment, credit card, internet banking

I have signed up to an LPG supplier on a fixed contract – can my prices for LPG be increased in this time?

  • No – this is a fixed period therefore your prices cannot be increased within this timeframe

I have signed up with an LPG supplier on an open term – can my prices for LPG be increased in this time?

  • Yes, possibly – this is not a fixed-term contract therefore prices may be subject to change