Moving in to a New House? Let Switchme do the work!

Moving your Energy supply to your new house.

Moving House can be an exciting time, maybe you've bought your first house, maybe you've moved in with your partner, maybe you're moving your family to a new area. Whatever the case, there is always a lot to organise and your energy supply is one of the most important - yet often overlooked.

When considering your new provider, don't just assume that your current provider is still the best deal for you. Different houses have different meters and different areas have vastly different prices.

Let Switchme manage your move for you. We'll compare all the power companies

Take the opportunity to contact Switchme on 0800 179482 to discuss what will be best for your needs at your new property. Five minutes with Switchme will ensure your new home will have the power on for when you arrive and is billing at the best rate available to you.

Switchme will send a request on your behalf and oversee the switching process until complete. What's more, we will communicate with you throughout, giving you peace-of-mind that one more part of the moving process is in-hand.

The connection at my new house is disconnected - what do I do?

If there has been a prolonged period of vacancy since the last tenant moved out, the connection may have been temporarily disconnected for safety reasons.

This is no problem. Simply call Switchme on 0800 179482 and we will complete a move-in switch request for you and advise you how to then request a reconnection. Typically, a technician can be onsite within a few hours and reconnecting will only take a few minutes.