Electric Heating – Which Heater Where?

With all the choices available when it comes to electric heating, it can be difficult to choose what type is right for you. Since each heating source is very different from the next, choosing the best one for your needs becomes easier when you consider each heating source’s benefits and disadvantages.

Micathermic Heaters

As one of the newer types of electric heat, micathermic combines the heating technologies found in both radiant and convection heating. After radiating heat off a panel, natural convection helps disperse heat throughout your room. Micathermic space heaters provide quick heat and instant comfort when you need it most. Because they are fanless, they do not re-circulate dust and other allergens throughout the room, but they also don’t provide as even of a heat. Options to either hang them on walls or place them on floors make micathermic heaters a versatile source of electric heat.

Convection Heaters

Another popular space heater option is a convection heater, which utilizes various heating elements to heat cold air. Heating a room with a convection heater takes time; however, the heat generated also lasts a long time. In addition, convection heaters are quieter than radiant heaters and because some types include fans, heat is better circulated throughout the room. However, this type of electric heat is one of the most expensive options and they can also be quite heavy.

Oil Column Heaters

Instead of using oil, oil column heaters apply electricity to warm up the oil that’s within their columns or fins. This heated oil is then transferred to the casing as well as the air circulating the fins. Although they take a long time to heat a room, they are efficient since the oil remains warm and heat is still radiated even after the heater’s turned off. Oil column heaters also operate quietly and can heat larger areas more effectively than smaller space heaters. Since their surfaces do not get very hot, they are safe to use when left unattended or while sleeping.

Oscillating Tower Fan Heaters

One other option when it comes to electric heaters is an oscillating tower fan heater. Heat is quickly produced by these tall, rotating heaters that have a radiant element. Because they warm up the room from top to bottom, an even heat is distributed. Available in various sizes to fit any table or floor space, these heaters usually feature convenient options such as high-heat, low-heat or fan-only. Although typically cheaper than other electric heat sources such as convection, their fans do make them louder. This factor may limit what rooms you would place an oscillating tower fan heater in.

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