How to Get a Discount on Your Household’s Electricity Costs

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How to Get a Discount on Your Household’s Electricity Costs

It’s always a great time to save money – but even more so when it’s just after the holiday season! If you’re looking for ways to save on your household costs, have you considered ways to save on your electricity bill?

Good Customers Get Rewarded by Electricity Retailers

Many electricity retailers reward customers with savings when they make the company’s billing processes easier. Taking advantage of these types of discounts is a great way to reduce your overall electricity costs!

Start saving on your energy bill today by getting some the discounts below:

Prompt Payment Discount

Customers who pay their energy bills in full and on time are appreciated by electricity retailers! Time (and money) is saved by the retailer when they do not have to chase a customer for a payment. Because of this, great customers can be rewarded 10 to 20 percent off their energy costs!

Direct Debit Discount

Depending on the electricity retailer, changing the method of payment can sometimes result in an electricity discount! Check with your retailer to see if making a simple change to a direct debit payment will result in lower energy costs.

Email Correspondence Discount

Mailing items through the post can really add up for a company – especially those that have thousands of customers! Many times, electricity retailers offer a discount of 1 – 2 percent when customers opt to receive their bill and other correspondence through email.

Dual Fuel Discount

Do you require more than one type of energy to your home? Stacking services with your retailer can result in cost savings each month! For example, choosing the same energy provider to supply both electricity and gas to your home can result in a bonus discount for you!

Enjoy the Extra Savings!

Wondering what other changes can be made to result in cost savings on your energy bill? Discounts differ by the retailer, so it’s worth checking to see what type of discount you can utilize. Simply call your retailer today and ask what changes you can make to start saving money!

Switchme is here to Help You Save Even More Money!

After checking with your electricity retailer to see what types of savings you can get, it’s worth seeing if another retailer can save you even more money. Switchmecan help compare other energy providers’ rates!

To help you get the best price on your household’s energy costs, check out our free, online comparison calculator to find out what other energy suppliers could cost you. Contact Switchme today for more details about our services!