Most NZers Dont Switch

Many NZers Remain with Same Electricity Provider Despite Benefits of Switching, Survey Says

Canstar Blue’s recently released survey results showed that of 4,200 respondents, only 43 percent compared electricity prices. Despite the overwhelming majority of respondents expressing worry about their power bills each month, only 13 percent actually switched providers.

With New Zealand’s competitive energy market, it’s easy to switch power companies and save on your electricity costs. Unless you’re on a fixed-term contract with break fees, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t check out prices from other electricity providers. Here’s why you should consider switching and how to go about doing so in only two steps!

Experience Greater Savings

It’s never a bad day to save money on your energy costs by switching to a more affordable energy provider. But during the winter months when heating costs quickly add up, the savings are even more welcomed.

More than half of those surveyed use extra blankets and clothing layers to keep warm rather than increase the temperature. Forty percent believe our homes lack proper insulation.

Think of what you can do with the money you could potentially save from switching. Maybe you can finally afford to raise your thermostat to a more comfortable temperature, maybe you can upgrade your heating system or maybe, you will have a few extra dollars each month for your own enjoyment. The possibilities are truly endless!

Say Goodbye to A Provider You’re Unhappy With

With almost 50 retail brands in the market, there’s no reason for you to stay with a provider you’re unhappy with. Whether it’s unhelpful customer service or limited payment options, switching to a new provider is definitely worth considering.

With the ability to research your options before committing to a switch, what do you have to lose?

Switchme Makes Saving on Energy Easy!

Switchme can help you save money on your household’s energy costs!

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With Switchme’s free, online comparison calculator, you can quickly compare and switch power companies. In only two steps, you can be on your way to savings – with no power interruption, either!

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