Electricity meters explained.

Anytime meter

The most common meter in New Zealand - This meter provides unrestricted and uncontrollable supply to the connection. This is most commonly used to supply businesses and to supply the primary house connection where a continuous supply is required.

Controlled and Night Meters

A Controlled meter is typically paired with an Uncontrolled meter for dedicated energy supply to your water heating for anywhere between 8-20 hours per day and is "controlled" by the network during peak times to ease demand on the local grid. Night meters are a popular form of controlled meter, offering low rates for a fixed supply time of 11pm - 7am.

As well as decreasing your water-heating usage, Controlled meter rates are much cheaper than those of a continuous supply meter, saving you money overall without affecting the hot water supply.

Inclusive Meter

The Inclusive meter is a single meter that effectively provides the same results as an Anytime/Controlled combination. This single register meter has a device called a "ripple relay" that controls hot water heating just as a Controlled meter would do individually, avoiding unnecessary heating and proving a cheaper unit rate.


Day/Night meters, like the Uncontrolled Anytime meter, provided 24 hour unrestricted supply to the property. However, two different rates apply depending on whether energy is supply during the Day period of 7am - 11pm, or the Night period of 11pm - 7am.