Testimonials about Switchme’s Power Comparison

We at Switchme really value our user's experiences.

Feedback shared by our users is listed below:

Glenis M, North Shore - I found your service to be invaluable and very informative. Thanks for your help.

P. Te Karu, Auckland, Pukekohe - I found your service to be fast an efficient I would definitely recommend you to my family and friends!

Paula B, BOP - A positive interaction with Switchme... informative, easy to understand and pose queries to! Have recommended this service to three friends already

J. Burrows, Kapiti - Your service is superb and particularly helpful for people new to the country like myself. Didn't know quite what to do until I came across your website! You made it very easy which is such a load off when there's so much to do moving to another country!

John M, Leigh, Auckland - Good service, fast, efficient and the process clearly explained. I would use Switchme again and recommend it.

L Wright, Auckland - Thank you so much for all your help, you made everything so easy and explained everything too. We really appreciate the work you have done for us!!

G. Clark, Auckland - I did not feel like I was having a salesperson pushing to sell me something. You and your people do a good job. Thank you,

Sara G, Blenheim - Your service has been impeccable to date!! Much appreciated, one less thing to worry about with the move.

F. Amani, Auckland -Thank you very much for making switch so effortless and smooth. Great to know there is a fantastic consumer service out there without some kind of hidden agenda. Really appreciate all your hard work, getting the best savings for my family.

G. Clark - Auckland - I am particularly impressed with your service. I have been so busy and needed to get my power supplier sorted out quickly. Switchme have facilitated that very easily. I have not had to wait on a phone or push buttons to get through numerous menus. The whole exercise was done very quickly, it was very personable, and I did not feel like I was having a salesperson pushing to sell me something. You and your people do a good job. Thank you,

Sara G. - Blenheim - Your service has been impeccable to date!! Much appreciated, one less thing to worry about with the move.

F. Amani - Auckland - Thank you very much for making switch so effortless and smooth. Great to know there is a fantastic consumer service out there without some kind of hidden agenda. Really appreciate all your hard work, getting the best savings for my family.

Xiao Z - Waitakere - Hi Aroha, Thank you so much for your help ! I am so glad to be a customer of Switchme's . I found Switchme awesome you have a great team which is very friendly and thoughtful, make things easy for me. I really appreciate that. Thank you once again !!!

A Palmer - Auckland - Hello Switchme Just a note to say that Aroha was fantastic, very efficient and very pleasant. A pleasure to deal with. Thanks again

Selena G - Auckland - Thanks Aroha, I have been really impressed with your service. You have made the process of changing company extremely easy and stress-free. Keep up the good work- I'll be sure to let my family and friends know about your fantastic service. Thanks again, Selena

Raymend S - Wellington - Hi there switchme team! Thanks so much for your help. Your work certainly needs recommendation to other friends of us. cheers, Raymend

Carl V - Tauranga - Thank you Aroha and The Switchme team for your excellent service, and for sorting out a power company for me efficiently. Thanks again!

Shereen H - Northland - Excellent service. I'm so impressed and will spread the word for definite. Thank you Scott and the Switchme Team.

Pauline P - Taupo - Thank you to all who assisted me in switching power companies. I found it very useful and speaking with Aroha helped me to understand the process. Great service, thank you!

Fiona G. - Auckland - Hi, my experience with you company has been outstanding! I cant recall who I was speaking with (Steve/Simon???? something along those lines) but they were very helpful and patient with me as I was quite confused and didnt really know what to do. They were able to give me fast and understandable answers and were very personalised to fit my situation! I will defiantly be recommending you to anyone going through changing power companies. Im sorry that I dont remember the name of the staff I was speaking with because they are a role model for all! Well done Switchme! Fiona

R Allum - Dunedin - Hello Aroha, Thank you for providing such an excellent service I will be passing on this site to family and friends

Jacquie L. - Wanganui - Thank you for the clearly set out information and prompt response. A welcome surprise :) A special thanks to Aroha whose intelligence, patience, and gentle sense of humour made light of what would otherwise have been a difficult process for me :)

Trish H - Auckland - Excellent service! Thanks heaps for all your help. I'm amazed at how much I will be saving every week. Thanks Trish

Anish S. - Auckland Central - I am really thankful to the customer care representative whom I spoke to on phone for new a connection. The guy really had sound knowledge of the product, was friendly and had phone etiquette. Thanks to Switchme once again. Cheers

Laurel V - Auckland, Northshore - I just want to let you know, that up to date I am very impressed by the service I have received. The staff member that I dealt with on the phone was most helpful & nothing was a problem. I feel that you are all acting very efficiently & professional. I will certainly recommend you to all my friends. King Regards

Pamela O - Christchurch - Thank you Switchme. I am very happy with the service, The process was fast and easy and now when i move into my new place, the power is all ready set up and ready to go. Thanks again!

G Brown - Helensville - Thank you. I had excellent service with the young man who talked me through the whole process in a very friendly, but professional manner. Many thanks again.

R Gaensicke - Waikato - Hi Aroha, it was a real pleasure to be advised by yourself regarding your service. You represented your company very professionally and lets hope Meridian can perform likewise. I will be looking forward to a great working relationship.

V Mayle - Wellington - Just wanted to say thanks so much for making my life a little easier!! I rang the other day and spoke to Mat. What a nice guy and very helpful :-) I've passed your number to my Mum to give you guys a call to help her sort out the best company for her to use. I will definitely recommend you guys in the future!

Joanne S - Henderson, Auckland. - Switchme has been great, I have used it several times and found it really good, even at chasing providers when they don't make contact fast enough. Thank you, have a good day, Joanne.

L Harwood. - Waipawa - I would like to compliment you on the excellent service I received while switching power suppliers. It wasn't perhaps, one of the easiest switches, but your positive attitude and helpfulness throughout made it really easy for me. My specific instructions were followed to the letter and I really appreciated that. Many thanks. Regards

B Bartlett - Waitoa - Just received my new power bill and can't believe it! I've already saved $55 in my first month! I'm really impressed with the Switchme service and highly recommend them!

P Brown - Christchurch - Thanks so much for your help with the switch. You guys sure made it easy.

Tim G - Raglan - Switched to Powershop, Great website, will recommend!

Peter H. - Auckland - We switched a few months ago and have had significant savings.

S Thomson - Wellington - Thanks for sorting out our power supplier! Customer service was a1.

HelenM - Upper Hutt - Thanks heaps for your help! I haven't had to sign up to a power company in 15years and you made it so easy for me and I really appreciate it. Once again thank you!

Ingrid A - Tauranga - Fantastic service, with so many details to attend to with shifting house your advisor was friendly, efficient and made it easy. Thanks and keep up the great work!

Simon & Janice - Havelock - We switched from Trustpower to Genesis and our savings have been amazing for us! Switching has nearly halved our bill and also entitles us to use their brownie point system to get extras as well! Many thanks and have a great xmas,Simon and Janice

Maree C - Tauranga - Thank you for your prompt service in replying with regards to my switch, great customer service to be kept in the loop!

Sharon P. - Rotorua - Thanks Switchme, very much appreciated! I’ll tell everyone I know about your service. Quick and easy. Thanks, Sharon.

Charmaine B - Upper Hutt - Thank you very much! We have sold our home after 32 years and are moving into a house that has Gas. We have been happy with our existing electricity provider, however they do not provide Gas so needed to change companies. Switchme have made this process so easy for us. Awesome

C Bartley - Wellington - Thanks! Easy and friendly service and will recommend Switchme to friends and family for the service! Cheers,

M. McIlwain - Auckland - As a first time tenant I found this service very helpful! I literally had my power supply sorted while I was picking up my first lot of grocery shopping for my new flat. Thank you to the Switchme team.

Angela H - Nelson - Thanks very much for the fantastic service and info that I received from our phone call. It was very worth while looking into the veriations. Thanks again! Angela

D Solomon - Auckland - I think it's awesome that you have simplified the process of choosing a power company. I could easily work out which was the cheaper power company using your website. I have four kids and our last power bill was almost $360 and it showed on your site that the bill would have been approx $260 with another company!! Wow - thanks again,

Lyn M - Rangiora - Hi , Everything was done so fast and easy. I would recommend Switchme to others. Cheers Lyn M

A.Burgess - Christchurch - Thankyou for your help Switchme, you've made things very easy for me! A.Burgess

Charlotte J - Auckland - Many thanks,I received the welcome letter from Contact Energy today. Great service indeed! Kind regards, Charlotte

Megan L - Porirua - Thank you very much for the great service! Regards Megan

T. Williams - Nelson - Thank you for such a user friendly site, the information is easy to access and follow. It has hopfully also put me in a position of saving over $750 on my electricity account a year; that's more than 2, almost 3 months power supply!!!!! Thank you!

K.Tata - Tauranga - Very happy with the fast response and information that I have received. I look forward to the switch being completed! Thanks.

J.Burrell - Auckland - So far we are very impressed, Thanks for the great service!

Jeff S - Auckland - This is an amazing service. Ive been trying for weeks but couldnt find anyone to help after hours. The person was very friendly and positve.ta!

Lynn G. - Dunedin - So far I have found the whole process extremely easy and am cross at myself for not doing something sooner about changing power company. Excellent website and extremely helpful, thank you!! Why should we pay more than we should, it costs an arm and a leg anyway so if we can save money we should know these things.

Jo B. - Rangiora - Thanks Switchme! The site was super-easy to follow and I'm going to make good savings by switching from Contact Energy to Genesis Energy. I've already posted details about the switchme site on my Facebook page as I am so impressed!

Paul B. - Cristchurch - This is a great web site. It is easy to use and very user friendly. By comparing the electrity prices of each of the providers, we will make over $500 in savings a year. I didnt realise how much more we were paying in power and gas. This is a great iniative

Hannah W. - Whitianga - Thank you so much! What a fantastic and straightforward service. (something that is hard to find these days!). You have saved me so much time and it is wonderful to know that we will be getting the best possible deal.

A. Quinn - Palmerston North - Guys I would just like to say that you have saved my family and I a lot of money. We switched two months ago and while our "old" power bills were around $150 - $200 per month, our new one was a treat with over $100 in savings!!!!! That is awesome. Thank you soooooo much.

Kate H. - Rangiora - I was alerted to your website by my sister-inlaw and have made the switch to Genesis Energy as a result. I have passed this website onto at least a dozen other people. Thanks!!

Nick Ward - Auckland - The Switchme website was referred to me by a friend who was raving about your services. I found it to be really user friendly and so easy to compare! Wow, this is so great, we are in for saving about $25 a month, and on a single income with kids in these times that is HUGE. Thank you so much for providing your service.

Noeline Lum - NA - I just phoned your customer service team and spoke with Paul. Thanks Paul for taking the time to answer my questions. It's nice to talk to someone who is nice and polite and knows what they are talking about!

Julie McGill - Manukau - Last week I went on the switchme website and entered my household power details just wanting to check to see if I was being charged fair prices for my power. I found I was way behind the eight ball. There were a number of different options available to me. I ended up ringing Switchme and talking to Paul Grant who was very helpful. Energy Online was the cheapest but for whatever reason they declined to supply! Paul gave other options but also suggested Nova who was the next cheapest. This suited as I was already a customer of Nova as our heating requirements come through Nova by way of bottled LPG. Yesterday I received a call from Nova Energy. Not only was their power charges better than what we are currently paying but because we only use our LPG Bottles for 6 months of the year they said that they would only charge rental for 1/2 the year instead of the full year. Great savings, a great surprise and great service. Thank you Nova, and thank you Paul Grant from Switchme for being so helpful.

Nic Moloney - Auckland - I just switched from Contact Energy to Meridian, supposed to save me $70 a month....after I did the switch Contact tried to lower my electricity prices and offered me extras, then I got a letter saying they were increasing prices anyway....too late! lol

Lyrae Smith - Hawkes Bay - Hey Switchme, thanks for this great and easy to use website; I've just made the jump from Contact to Trust Power (looks like lots are switching from Contact). Can't wait to start making immediate savings!

Fitt - Christchurch - I used the Power calculator tool to see who was best for me, saving over $20 a month by moving from Contact to Genesis; who tell me have no price rises planned until 2012 (earliest) and no lock in contract either. They also have a Mainpower Rebate (Same as Contact). Switch all done online by a form and then a call from Genesis to confirm. Easy as!!

Fincham - Taupo - Hey there, I was so surprised when I received an email saying I have won, I couldnt believe it, until the courier dropped a parcel of for me. I opened it and well, well, there it was $200.00 in fuel vouchers. This couldn’t come at a better time, Thank you switchme...

Mark Lincoln - Christchurch - Within 30 seconds Switchme showed me how much money I could be saving with another provider. A minute later and I was switched over! Saving around $20 a month now. Cheers!

Tahata - Gisborne - switched to Genesis last year, got a nasty phone call from Contact about changing over. Have had cheaper power bills ever since though, very happy :)

Kremers - Christchurch - Hi guys, Thanks for switching me over, I'm amazed at the difference!

Aimee - Rangiora, Canterbury - A fantastic site, simplifies it for us electricity dumbies!

Stephens - Blenheim - Cant believe I saved almost $50 a month simply switching from Trust Power. Thanks for making this obvious

Bernadette Burnswood - Taupo - Great site. Saves so much time not having to phone up companies finding a better deal.

Tracy M. - Gisborne - thank you Switchme for making it very easy to change power companies. Tracy

K. Kavanagh - Nelson - I found the site really user friendly and intuative. Thanks for bringing all this information together in one place.

Richard Connor - Hastings, Hawkes Bay - I switched to Genesis Energy 2 weeks ago and everything went really smoothly. Received a call from them the day after I used Switchme and they handled the entire process. Thanks guys, will definately use the site again later down the line. Cheers