5 Ways to Survive a Power Outage

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5 Ways to Survive a Power Outage

Whether it’s the result of stormy weather, an accident or maintenance work, a power outage is always an inconvenience.

Other than sitting patiently in the dark waiting for it your power to come back on, do you know what to do in a power outage? If not, here are five ways to survive the next time you have no power!

  • Stay Calm

Rest assured knowing that most power outages are shortlived. In fact, they’re normally over before you even have time to find your flashlights and candles!

Do a quick investigation to see what may have caused the black-out. If you notice that your neighbours are also out of power, then check with your power company for an update.

Once you find out how long the power may be out for, ensure you have enough supplies on hand to get you through.

  • Stay Warm

Power outages are a nuisance all year round – but even more so in the winter when you have to keep warm.

Cover your windows with blankets to block any drafts, wear extra layers of clothing and if you’ve got a fireplace, make yourself a fire. When using candles, ensure you use proper candle holders and remain in the same room as the lit candles.

Plus, in very cold areas when the outage will be for a while, turn your faucets on to a drip to prevent your pipes from freezing.

  • Stay Fed and Hydrated

Prior to a storm hitting, make sure you’re well stocked on food and water.

Keep cans of soup (and a non-electric can opener!) handy. If you don’t have a gas stove, try to purchase foods that can be consumed without any cooking needed. Since most food remains frozen for up to 36 hours, don’t open your fridge or freezer unless absolutely necessary.

Depending on how long your power will be out for, you will need enough water for drinking, washing dishes, bathing and toilets. Use your bathtub as a holding tank and fill it up with water before the storm hits!

  • Stay Busy

Try not to watch the clock while you simply wait for the power to come back on!

Instead, have some old-fashioned fun playing board games and cards, reading, listening to music or simply conversing with family and friends.

  • Stay Prepared

Like most things in life, proper preparation is key to surviving a power outage.

Keep your wood burning fireplace and chimney properly maintained, install a non-electric stove or heater and consider purchasing an emergency generator. Protect electronics with a power bar and install carbon monoxide detectors that have a battery-powered back-up.

At the very least, stock up on blankets, flashlights and candles!

Hopefully in no time at all, your power will be back on!