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Is Your Power Really that “Green”?

If you have chosen a certain power retailer because it advertises itself as being a provider of clean, green energy, then you may have to think again! Although certain providers promote their commitment to being environmentally-friendly, they can not guarantee you will be using this power exclusively.

Renewable energy sources like wind and hydro are carbon-free producers, yet geothermal (another renewable type) still emits carbon.

Plus, New Zealand’s national power supply is a mixture of different energy suppliers.

This means that there really is no control over what type of energy ends up being delivered to your household.

Different Energy Sources Used when Renewable Power Sources Get Low

Sometimes, there simply is not enough renewable power sources to generate the amount of power needed by Kiwis.

It’s during times like these that thermal electricity is used as a source, regardless of which electricity provider you use.

Time of Day Matters for Electricity Supply

Where your household’s power comes from depends on what’s being generated at the time you use it.

Since there are both renewable and non-renewable sources constantly supplying the national grid, you could end up with a mixture of sources when it’s delivered to your home.

The majority of electricity does come from hydro. However, when a year is exceptionally dry or if certain hydro plants are not in use, non-renewable sources would then supply the bulk of energy to consumers.

A Mixture of Energy Sources in Nation Grid Leads to Customer Confusion

If this is all news to you, then know that you’re not alone!

In a recent survey conducted by Consumer NZ, 33 percent of consumers consider a company’s commitment to green energy when they choose a retailer.

But depending on how interested and engaged a consumer is with their power account, some consumers may be getting the wrong impression about where their power supply is coming from.

Majority of NZ Supplied from Renewable Sources

New Zealand’s renewable sources deliver around 85% of our country’s electricity.

So even though it’s impossible to ensure you’re only using green energy at all times, the majority of the time you end up doing so.

Even though you may not have control over only receiving green energy, you do have control over which energy provider you use! To ensure you’re getting the best energy rate available, use Switchme’s free, online comparison calculator. Contact us today for more details!