Benefits of Switching Power Companies

New Zealand has one of the fasting switching times around the globe. This year alone, hundreds of thousands of Kiwi households have switched their power company. Have you been thinking about changing power companies yourself? If so, there’s no time like the present to start reaping the rewards of another energy company!

Reduce Your Energy Costs

By easily using Switchme’s free, online calculator, see how your household’s energy costs compare to similar households. Within seconds of entering certain data, find out if you’re overpaying on your electricity and gas bills. With an average of only four and half days to change over to the new company you choose, you’ll experience price savings almost right away!

More Ways to Pay

Be sure to check out what companies are offering regarding electricity plans and payment options. Even though a company may offer the cheapest rate, their billing arrangement may not work the best with your own household’s needs.

Many companies also offer new consumers freebies and account credits. If you’re currently on a fixed term contract involving a break fee, talk to the new, prospective company. To get your business, many may work with you to offer a deal you simply can’t refuse!

Start Saving More Money!

When managing a household, one of the best ways to save money is to look at reducing your current overhead costs. By switching power companies to a more affordable energy provider, you can start seeing the savings add up fast!

In 2015 alone, the Electricity Authority (EA) estimated that an average of $175 was saved when Kiwis switched to the cheapest power retailer available. Switch to a cheaper power company and put away extra money for Christmas gifts, buy new shoes for your kids or start saving for a family vacation. What you choose to spend that extra savings on is entirely up to you!

Plenty of Choices on the Market

Because more people are switching power companies these days, new companies are getting involved in the power industry. This, in turn, makes the price for electricity and gas more competitive for Kiwis.

Although the big five retailers are still the most dominant, there has been a surge of small, independent companies. In 2016, these small companies had a customer base of almost 80,000, which was 12% more than the previous year. With the popularity of these new retailers increasing, the major retailers cannot afford to be as complacent now as they were in the past.

Let Switchme Help You Find a Better Deal on Energy!

Whenever you’re ready to consider the options of switching to a new energy provider, Switchme is here to help you! Between our free, online comparison calculator and our phone line support, we provide an easy, stress-free way of finding the best energy deal on the market. Contact us today for more details!

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