Gisborne: Tops Switch List

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Gisborne: The Current leader for Power Supply Switches

In New Zealand, we have choices when it comes to choosing an energy supplier. And with more than 40 energy retailers providing Kiwis with their energy supply, it pays to shop around!

New Zealand’s competitive energy market has numerous retailers each offering their own discounts and pricing to compete for your business. Although many Kiwis country-wide realize this, the Gisborne region saw the highest number of switching rates this past June.

Gisborne Region’s Recent Record High Number of Power Company Switches

With 15 energy companies to choose from in the Gisborne region, many customers decided to recently make the switch to a new electricity supplier.

June’s highest number of power supply switching rates in New Zealand occurred in this region, where 2.31 percent of consumers switched.

Whether Gisborne region’s Kiwis tired of paying high energy rates or dealing with poor customer service, many of them decided to try out a new electricity company.

Electricity Authority Encourages Consumers to Do Their Own Research

You may think that you are getting the best energy deal possible, but how do you know that for sure?

According to the Electricity Authority, you should be doing your research to ensure that what you’re paying for electricity actually is the best rate that you can get.

With New Zealand’s highly competitive energy market, retailers are forced to offer incentive deals to consumers – or risk losing their business.

Consumers: Get Involved in Your Electricity Billing!

Consumers should take an active role in the electricity market by researching other providers’ rates or by asking for a better deal from their current retailer.

New customers aren’t the only one to get discounts! Ask your retailer about available discounts for being a loyal customer or for making the switch to a more efficient payment or mailing method.

Energy Switching Company “Switchme” Makes Switching Energy Easy!

As a consumer, it pays to do your research! Who knows? You could end up with more money in your pocket at the end of the day.

Whether you’re looking for a lower rate or better customer service, it’s not difficult to shop around other electricity suppliers.

Energy switching companies like Switchme make switching energy retailers easy. Within only a matter of minutes, find out what other energy rates are available to you. Check out our free, online comparison calculator today for more details!