How Do I Switch Power Companies?

Not happy with your current energy provider? Or, looking for a better deal on power? If so, it’s comforting to hear that New Zealand has one of the fastest switching times in the world! Partnering with Switchme ensures you can switch power companies as quickly, easily and pain-free as possible.

Switching Power Companies is Easy with Switchme!

Using Switchme’s free power comparison calculator to help you find the best energy deal will get you on your way to energy savings in no time. In just three steps, you can become the newest customer of another retailer!

Step #1: Enter Your Address and Usage Details

First, simply enter your usage and address details from your bill. Easily choose as many metres as needed and also the period length. If you’re moving to a new property or simply do not have an old bill handy, simply select “Estimate My Usage.” After indicating the number of people in your household, Switchme can figure the rest of the calculation out!

Step #2: Review Your Results

Right away, review the offers from various Retailers who can supply energy to your property. Take some time to review the various prices and details before choosing the best Retailer for your needs. Once you make your decision, click “SWITCH.”

Step #3: Complete Your Application

Complete your application by filling in your name, contact and property details before hitting “SUBMIT.” Your application will then be delivered to your new Retailer so that it can be switched immediately. To ensure the process runs smoothly, Switchme will monitor your request and be available for any follow-up questions.

Switchme: A Process You Can Trust

By helping over 60,000 kiwis to date, Switchme has a reputation that you can trust when it comes to switching power companies! We have years of experience dealing with New Zealand’s energy industry and offer rates and incentives you won’t find anywhere else. While providing free, independent advice, we pride ourselves on finding the best energy deals for kiwis!

Switchme Can Find You a Better Deal on Energy!

Whether you’re looking for a better price on energy for your home or business, Switchme is here to help! Between our free, online comparison calculator and our phone line support, we provide the easiest way to compare and switch companies. Let us help you find the best energy deal! Contact the experts at Switchme today.