Lowest Residential Pricing Area

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Network Tasman Residential Pricing:
Currently the Lowest in NZ Despite Recent Price Increase

Here in New Zealand, the local distribution networks is split into 29 major areas.

While you are free to shop around and compare pricing, contracts and incentives when choosing a retailer, the network company in your area will remain the same.

Network Tasman: Currently the Cheapest Energy Provider

Leading the pack of cheapest networks (currently, anyways!) is Network Tasman.

Even after increasing their electricity prices by 1.3 percent at the beginning of April, Network Tasman still provides the cheapest electricity rates in New Zealand. The recent increase adds a mere 68 cents per month (excluding GST) for the average residential connection.

Remain the Cheapest Electricity Distribution Company in NZ

Out of the 29 major electricity distribution companies found throughout New Zealand, Network Tasman is the cheapest. That’s before any discounts are even taken into account!

The company’s main focus on providing good value for money is accomplished by keeping price increases to a minimum while remaining committed to maintaining their core electricity networks. The safety, reliability and capacity of their networks always remain a priority.

Currently Almost 40,000 Consumer Connections in South Island

As the owner and operator of the electricity distribution network in the greater Nelson and Tasman areas (minus Nelson City), Network Tasman distributes power to almost 40,000 consumer connections.

Wholly owned by the Network Tasman Trust, a consumer trust, Network Tasman provides power to the north-western corner of the South Island.

Regulated by the Commerce Commission

Network Tasman’s “commitment to good value for money” is not just for marketing purposes! Their line charges over the last two years have averaged $2 million annually below what the Commerce Commission permits to charge as a regulated electricity lines company.

Plus, Network Tasman’s prices charged to retailers for using both the electricity distribution network and the national gride amount to approximately one-third of retail electricity paid by consumers.

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