Mercury is Now Available on Switchme!

If you’ve been waiting for even more reasons to check out Switchme, New Zealand’s non-government funded energy switching site, here’s one more: Mercury has now been launched on the site.

The company provides nationwide energy supply, and offers both electricity and dual-fuel options. With 13 power stations in its operation (all within Auckland, Waikato and the Bay of Plenty), the company has a total of 1,638MW of generating capacity.

Not only is Mercury one of New Zealand’s biggest electricity retailers, but it is a company that is committed to supporting the community that supports them. Through many sponsorships and partnerships – such as with Rowing New Zealand and Starship – Mercury plays a vital role in supporting the wellbeing of New Zealanders.

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The Benefits of Joining Mercury

With almost 400,000 users, there are clearly reasons why customers are choosing Mercury as their power provider. The reasons are plentiful! Mercury is dedicated to rewarding customers that choose them for their electricity, gas or solar for their home, business or farm.

They offer the following rewards for choosing them as your energy provider:

  • Earn AirpointsTM: By being rewarded with Airpoints Dollars when you pay your Mercury bill, you’ll now be that much closer to taking that dream trip!
  • Wonderful E.Bikes: Join the thousands of other Kiwis who see the benefits of using e.bikes! Save up to $500 on an as a Mercury customer.
  • Great Self-Service Tools: Update your personal details, review and pay your bills, check your energy usage and more 24 hours a day using the “My Account” feature.
  • Service with a Smile: An award-winning contact centre is happy to help you with any question or concern you may have.
  • Be Part of the Magic: As a 5-star sponsor of the Starship Foundations since 2001, Mercury and its customers have donated more than ten million dollars to the foundation’s cause!

Start Saving on Your Energy Bill Right Away with Switchme!

Interested in seeing what kind of energy deal Mercury can offer you? Check out Switchme’s free, online comparison calculator to see what type of energy rate Mercury Energy can offer you! In only three easy steps, you can quickly and easily find out how your current energy rate stacks up against other power providers.

Check out Switchme today to start saving on energy costs!