New Electric Vehicle Subscription

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New Electric Vehicle Subscription Offered with Mercury

Energy retailer Mercury is taking tips from Netflix and Spotify by offering a subscription service to electric vehicles.

Through a partnership with rental company Snap Rentals, Mercury’s newly launched vehicle subscription service allows customers to rent an electric vehicle (EV) for a certain period of time. The cost for electricity is the only additional fee on top of the subscription fee.

When the time commitment is up, customers simply return the vehicle.

The flexibility associated with the membership is already making this subscription service popular to Kiwis. Here’s what else you should know about Mercury’s new EV subscription!

New Service Proving Popular Right from the Start

This newly launched project has already proved successful!

With the service’s reasonable prices and the ability to swap out a vehicle for another model if desired, it’s no surprise that Kiwis are excited to use this service.

In fact, most of the EVs available are booked by customers within only a few hours.

Electric Vehicle Subscription Service is Appealing to Many

This new offering by Mercury will appeal to a range of Kiwis!

Interested in purchasing an electric vehicle, but worried about having buyer’s remorse? This subscription service enables you to experience what owning an EV will be like, without the financial commitment of purchasing one!

Are you someone who doesn’t require a vehicle on a regular basis, but when you do, you want the vehicle to be environmentally friendly? The subscription service allows you to have an environmentally-friendly vehicle on an as-needed basis.

Know that you’ll need a vehicle for a period of a few months but don’t want to pay for an expensive rental car? With this service, a second-hand first-generation Nissan Leaf costs $469 – which is much less than a mid-range vehicle from a traditional rental car company. Plus, even cheaper rates are available for customers who agree to a minimum six-month term on the EV subscription.

How the New Electric Service Subscription Works

The monthly fee included with the subscription includes comprehensive insurance, maintenance, unlimited kilometres and roadside assistance.

Another advantage is the concierge service that accompanies the subscription service. Delivery and pick-up for your rented EV is conveniently done from your location.

Besides the second-hand first-generation Nissan Leaf, other vehicles available include the Tesla Model S and the Gen 4 Leaf. Future plans by Mercury include stocking the Volkswagen e-golf and the Renault Zoe.

The service, currently only available in Auckland, will be available in other cities soon.

Besides saving on your vehicle costs with this subscription service, how about saving on your household’s energy costs? Contact Switchme today to learn more about our energy savings services!