NZ Ranked Second for Switching Power Companies

When it comes to consumers switching power companies, New Zealand has been ranked number two, according to a World Energy global study, with New Zealand ranking up from 5th place in 2009 to 2nd place in 2011.

The report shows a steady increase in New Zealanders looking for cheaper options and getting the best deal for their money by switching energy retailers.

New Zealand was noted to be a fastest rising in rankings, fast approaching the ranked number one, Victoria Australia. Thanks to comparisons services such as the Electricity Authority’s What’s My Number campaign and independently owned, both offering free energy comparisons.

New Zealand’s switching rate has been heading upwards since 2008, from an annual rate of 10.5% in the year 2008 to a high 19.5% in the year 2011. The report shows that there has been an increase in retail competition, giving the consumer more of an incentive to switch power companies. Proving the free comparison services such as What’s My Number and Switchme are working.

Carl Hansen, The Electricity Authority Chief Executive says placing greater pressure on the electricity companies has made the energy industry much more competitive, which is increasing the number of consumers to switch to another energy company that can offer them a better deal.

“From our perspective switching rates are part of a more complex equation. What we may in fact find in the future is that lower switching rates may also indicate a highly competitive market as it may show that retailers are being driven to offer very similar prices, removing the incentive for consumers to switch.”

Over 350,000 New Zealanders choose to switch power companies in 2011 and collectively stood to save $8.7 m. In the first six months of 2012 almost 180,000 made the switch to a new retailer.

The What’s My Number and Switchme have also combined to launch a free comparison tool (RFP) for businesses. This is the first free business comparison tool to be launched in New Zealand and will revolutionise the small to medium businesses compare sign sign up to a cheaper power company. So far the Request for Pricing (RFP) tool has proven to be very popular and already has saved businesses across New Zealand thousands on their power bills.

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