Switching Power Companies

How to Avoid Problems when Switching Power Companies

Are you annoyed with the customer service at your current power company?

Are you tired of paying more than your neighbour does for the same energy services?

If so, you’re not alone! An increasing number of fellow Kiwis have been making the switch to a new energy supplier. But before you do the same, eliminate any problems during the switch by checking out the following details first.

More Choice = Better Rates for Kiwis

The number of electricity companies continues to increase in New Zealand. With a total of 48 electricity brands (backed by 32 companies), there are now 12 more companies than last year.

With the increase in electricity companies comes an increase in the competition field. As a result, better pricing or deals on energy become available for New Zealanders.

Ask the Right Questions Before Your Switch

Now’s the time to review the contract you initially signed with your current energy supplier! If you no longer have a copy of your contract, contact your supplier who should have one in your file.

Carefully review the details to see what’s entailed with breaking your contract. Check details such as:

  • Break-Fee: See what the fee would be to break your contract before its end date. Compare the cheaper, new supplier’s rates to the break-fee to see the difference. If your current supplier has an expensive break-fee, it may not be worth switching at the present time.
  • Automatic Renewal: Some companies have a clause in their contract that allows them to automatically renew their customers’ contract agreements. This date can creep up quickly on customers, so be sure to mark it down if you’re thinking of switching companies. That way, you’ll know when your deadline is to decide if you’re switching companies – before you’re automatically renewed again.
  • Pricing Details: Become familiar with how your current rate and service compare to the competition. Don’t be afraid to ask your current supplier if they can offer you a better plan. Who knows? They may be willing to give you a deal, rather than risk losing you as a customer to the competition.

After you’ve done your due diligence and would still like to switch to a new energy supplier, let Switchme help. For almost a decade, we have helped customers complete energy comparisons and assist them in the switching process.

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