Warming Kiwi Homes

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New Grant Programme Launched to Help Keep Kiwi Homes Warm

Even though winter may be about the end here in New Zealand, the cold temperatures will continue to be felt by many Kiwis – especially those with low-income.

But thanks to the government’s new “Warmer Kiwi Homes” insulation programme, low-income homeowners can soon receive assistance with keeping their home warm for future winters.

$142 Million Investment into the New Kiwi Homes Grant Programme

The new grant programme can cover two-thirds of the cost of ceiling and underfloor insulation and ground moisture barriers for eligible homeowners.

The program helps to meet the promises outlined in the Coalition and Confidence and Supply Agreements with New Zealand First and the Green Party.

Grant Program Will Help Kiwis Enjoy a Warmer, Healthier Winter

Managed by The Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA), the four-year government grant programme is designed to help keep Kiwi homes warmer, drier and healthier.

Because the EECA is encouraging community organisations to contribute funding, the overall costs for homeowners will be as low as possible in many areas.

Although the grant’s first year is focussed on insulation costs, heating grants will become available in July 2019.

Grant Programme Will Help Ease Health System Pressure

Not only do cold temperatures bring health conditions that are costly to families, but they add strain to the country’s health system, too.

Recognizing the need for a solid solution to this problem, the government raised the level of funding per grant from 25 percent to cover two-thirds of the cost.

Are You Eligible for a Grant?

The grant programme helps bring warmth to cold, damp homes that lead to rheumatic fever and asthma – thereby targeting Kiwis who need it most.

Designed to help people who live in low decile areas or have a health condition, the grant eligibility criteria (as listed on the EECA’s website) includes:

  • Being the homeowner (owner-occupier) of a home built before 2008 AND
  • Having a Community Services Card or SuperGold combo card OR
  • Owning and living in a home in an identified lower-income area OR
  • Be referred by the Healthy Homes Initiative

To find out if you’re eligible for a grant, visit https://www.energywise.govt.nz/funding-and-support/funding-for-insulation/.

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